Whisky by Flavour - Wood - Oak

Unlike other spirits whisky and especially Scotch whisky has specific legal requirements for its maturation process before it can legally be sold as whisky. Since regulation came in 1915 Scotch whisky has been required to mature for a minimum of 3 years, this maturation is done in oak casks.
Oak is the selected wood type to mature whisky in and the different species or previous fills can add layers of flavours which become apparent in the whisky you are drinking. However, there are some whiskies which will have tasting notes of oak itself, more complex than just stating the obvious of where the whisky was matured, tasting notes of oak or wood are often picked up on for example the aromas of cedar cigar boxes or antique furniture. A long maturation will create a deep aroma to the whisky reminding us of dark lounges with wood and leather furnishings, however, if left for too long the oak will take over with heavy spice and become musty on the nose. This is where a balanced maturation in different casks or finishing period are utilised to give a vibrant flavour profile.

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