Whisky by Flavour - Floral - Flowers

Floral notes in whisky can also be referred to as perfume aromas on tasting notes, flavours and aromas of flowers in whisky are often recognised as rose petals or citrus blossoms.

The production influence is vital for the creation of floral aromas and flavours these come from the esters in a long fermentation and distillation in a tall still with a Lyne arm above 90 degrees as this process creates reflux on the spirit vapour creating a light spirit which maintains the floral notes from the esters.

The maturation influence would best utilise refill hogsheads as the oak would be less interactive and this would allow the flowery notes to shine through in the final whiskies flavour profile. An alternative to developing the flowery notes would be to use sweet wine casks for a short finishing period this would give some interaction of the flavours from the wine that previously filled the cask.

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