Whisky by Flavour - Confectionary - Toffee

Toffee flavours are quite common across Scotch whisky and are really a result of the combination of the honey notes produced in distillation and the caramel notes from the maturation process with charred casks. The honey flavours found in a new make spirit can be developed during the maturation process, by utilising an ex-bourbon cask, which by US law for the production of Bourbon must be a brand-new oak cask which has been charred. The American Oak contains a high level of vanillin and having previously held bourbon whiskey with its sweet syrup texture will influence the maturing spirit creating vanilla and cream flavours, whilst the charring of the oak releases Caramel flavours. Combining these steps in the production and maturation of your whisky can result in Toffee flavours in the final product.

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