Whisky by Flavour - Floral - Hay

Hay and grain flavours and aromas can be found in whisky tasting notes, often with whiskies that have a less complex maturation program and focus on the flavours created by the grain and yeasts added in the production process. 

The production influence is vital for hay and grain flavour profiles, these floral notes come from the malted barley and fermentation process. It could be referred to as a classic whisky flavour profile as the hay aromas can often be found in the lighter spirit made on a patent grain whisky still. This whisky is mostly blended with malt whisky to create blended whisky and often hay and malt aromas and flavours will shine through.

The maturation influence is seen in the blending of whiskies to develop the light hay aromas, a selection of refill casks is best utilised for these light floral aromas to stay predominant.

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