Whisky by Flavour - Fruit - Orchard

Orchard fruits are fruits which have seeds or a stone covered by edible fruits, classic examples that often come across in the flavours of alcohol are Apples, Pears, Peaches and Plums.

The production influence for fruit aromas and notes comes from the creation of esters in the fermentation stage of production. The longer the fermentation the more esters are created which give fruity flavours to the new make spirit, however, the distillation and more importantly the shape and size of the still are key for how dense the spirit is and this results in deeper richer flavours and texture or a lighter and more floral spirit, the latter being the better style for appreciating fruit aromas and flavours in the finished product.

Secondly, the maturation influence for fruit flavours comes from the previous fill of the cask, orchard fruits tend to be highly noticeable in wine casks, for pip fruits such as red apples and plums you’ll find ex red wine casks and then red grape fortified wines such as port or some sherry casks will transfer these flavours to your whisky. Whereas peaches and pears will appear from white wine cask finishes or white grape sweet wines such as Sauternes casks. An area to further explore is new experimental casks such as cider casks (Pear and Apple flavours) which the Scotch Whisky Association has recently permitted for use.

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