Whisky by Flavour - Floral - Leafy

Leafy or herbal notes can be common in whisky tasting notes, these can range from lavender to heather and pine aromas.

The production influence for leafy aromas can start with the kilning process of the barley, this is where the barley is laid out on a malting floor to start germination and a fire in the kiln is started. Floral flavours are also then made by the esters in fermentation, these can then be furthered by a lighter style of distillation with a still which has greater reflux.

The maturation influence for herbal notes such as pine could also come across from the nutty aromas from a cask where the spice from the oak has combined with a previous fill such as a 2nd fill or more ex-bourbon cask, this will allow the herbal notes to develop and shine through. 

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