Whisky by Flavour - Cereal - Biscuit

Biscuit flavour profiles are often found in whisky tasting notes, as a combination of the grains used in production and flavours added from maturation. Biscuit notes would be picked up as sweeter and more closely linked to the mouthfeel than with malt notes.
The production influence for biscuit flavours is from the grain used and some flavours from the yeast added for fermentation, biscuit notes can be similar to bread aromas also seen in alcohol tasting notes such as in sparkling wine, therefore the palate will recognise biscuit flavours, often with a sweet aroma and a smooth slightly dense mouthfeel.
The maturation influence is closely linked to American oak and ex bourbon casks as these will offer flavours of vanilla and a smooth creamy mouthfeel. Other experimental casks such as ex cognac casks could also offer this interaction with the whisky to deliver biscuit notes.

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