Whisky by Flavour - Fruit - Tropical

Tropical fruits are those that grow on trees specifically in the tropics region of the world. Tropical fruits are particularly flavourful being sweet and juicy which makes their flavour profile memorable for our palate. Key examples are Mangoes, Pineapple, Kiwi and Bananas.
The production influence for fruit aromas and notes comes from the creation of esters in the fermentation stage of production. The longer the fermentation the more esters are created which give fruity flavours to the new make spirit, the longest fermentations create an abundance of esters which give citrus and tropical fruit flavours to the new make spirit. In order to allow these tropical fruit flavours to remain through distillation a tall still with a Lyne arm above a 90-degree angle will create a lighter spirit which has gone through higher reflux and this will protect the tropical fruit flavours the esters create with a higher likelihood of the flavour being present in the whisky after maturation.
The maturation influence for tropical fruit flavours will tend to be from an ex-bourbon cask, especially one which is on the 2nd or 3rd refill as this will allow the flavour created by the esters in the new make spirit to shine through and the cask will add some supporting notes of vanilla. Alternatively, a more experimental cask choice of ex rum casks will help to develop the tropical fruit aromas as the sweetness of the rum previously in the cask will be imparted into the whisky.

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