How To Taste Whisky and How to Be a Cask Explorer.......


Whisky Tasting

a quick how to guide, plus a heads up on how our tasting notes work and how to use our site.

Welcome Cask Explorers

Congrats - If you've arrived on this page, it's likely that you have in your mitts a whisky tasting gift set (either someone thinks highly enough of you to gift it to you, or you've treated yourself - either way - kudos!)

If you're new to whisky tasting, you can watch our guide to tasting whisky above and for a more nerdy, in depth look, there's a few words from Jackson here.

When you're ready to start, scan the QR code on your chosen bottle with your phone camera, or search our site to find your whisky.

You'll find the page of the whisky, a picture of the full sized bottle and a video of our one of our team, leading you through the tasting.

If you click the 'Tasting Notes' tab, you'll find all the flavours that we've picked out.

Click on one that you've enjoyed. You'll discover from where and how the flavours got there, plus you'll see other drams that share the same flavour.

At the bottom of each page, you can leave a review and a star rating (out of 5 ) for the whisky. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on each dram and see how they compare with ours.

Remember, there's no wrong or right answers, if YOU like it, it's good and if you don't..........

So for now, fellow Cask Explorers....... Dive in, sip, taste, enjoy, share and learn and do so in good health.

Slàinte Mhath!